( Courtesy Honeybear Brands )

First Kiss — an apple variety that debuted in 2018 in very limited supply — is back on retailers’ shelves in August. 

For the first time, First Kiss will ship to select retailers nationwide, according to a news release. The variety was introduced by Elgin, Minn.-based Honeybear Brands and is grown exclusively in Minnesota.

“Our orchards are maturing each season and producing more and more of this amazing new fruit, so we’re able to ship — still in very limited supply — to a few retail partners outside of Minnesota who really want to try something that will wow their apple-loving customers,” Don Roper, Honeybear Brands vice president of sales and marketing, said in the release.

First Kiss is a descendent of Minnesota’s Honeycrisp. The result is a tart and juicy apple with a firm, crisp bite and a deep, scarlet skin.  

“It’s an early season apple … so it really now marks the opening of the premium apple season,” Kristi Harris, Honeybear Brands brand manager, said in the release.

In Minnesota, Lund’s and Cub stores will sell First Kiss apples. 

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