Ocean Mist Farms has received Blue Zones Project approval of their Monterey, Calif., worksite ( Ocean Mist Farms )

Castroville, Calif.-based Ocean Mist Farms has received Blue Zones Project approval of their Monterey, Calif., worksite, according to the company.

Ocean Mist Farms received approval in May 2020 after meeting 78 points on the worksite pledge and engaging 44% of their staff in a Blue Zones Project activity (88 individuals), according to a news release.

Blue Zones Project is a community-led well-being improvement initiative designed to make healthy choices easier through permanent changes to a city’s environment, policy, and social networks.

“This is a huge accomplishment for Ocean Mist Farms,” Lupita Renteria-Galvan, human resources benefits manager and wellness committee chair for Ocean Mist Farms, said in the release. “Becoming an approved worksite demonstrates the commitment you have to your employees’ health and well-being. Ocean Mist Farms is recognized as a community leader in workplace wellness and joins a network of respected organizations across our community.”

Ocean Mist Farms’ initiatives include:

  • A fitness center open to all employees;
  • Five Blue Zones Parking spaces located the furthest distance from the employee entrance, reminding staff that parking farther away is one way to easily add more physical activity to their day;
  • Free annual onsite biometric screenings (blood pressure, body mass index, glucose, cholesterol, etc.) to educate employees about their health risks and how to improve their health;
  • Social activities for Ocean Mist Farms staff members and their families, building teamwork and healthy relationships among co-workers;
  • Ongoing onsite developmental workshops, seminars and/or lunch-and-learns are offered to all employees.

The release said the Blue Zones Project Monterey County and Ocean Mist Farms will continue the work of empowering employees to take charge of their health through continued Blue Zones Project activities and principals. 

More information about Blue Zones Project Monterey County is available online at montereycounty.bluezonesproject.com


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