( Courtesy Side Delights )

Side Delights’ Adopt a Potato Farmer program has brought awareness to food bloggers and their audiences.

The program paired regional food bloggers and Fresh Solutions Network farmers who grow Side Delights potatoes to share their stories, according to a news release.

Bloggers shared farmers’ stories and recipes on their websites and social media platforms and generated more than two million views in 60 days, according to the release.

The interviews bloggers conducted with farmers covered topics such as family farming history and what makes growers passionate about what they do.

Stories are published on blogger sites and each includes a recipe using Side Delights potatoes.

Kristy Still of Mommy Hates Cooking interviewed Kelly Grotte from MG Farms and made crash hot potatoes.

Mariah Moon of the Simple Parent blog interviewed Kathy Michael-Sponheim of Michael Family Farms and made potato salad

Amber Edwards at BusyCreatingMemories.com interviewed Jill Crapo-Cox of Sun-Glo of Idaho and shared a recipe for homemade french fries

“Busy shoppers are looking for healthy, convenient, and practical solutions to family meals,” Kathleen Triou, president and CEO of Fresh Solutions Network, said in the release. “These bloggers were able to experience first-hand how Side Delights potatoes go from farm to fork and are now sharing that knowledge with their audiences and grocery shoppers.”

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