( U.S. Apple )

The U.S. Apple Association has a new logo.

With its new look, the logo seeks to visualize the mission of the Falls Church, Va.-based group to be a unifying voice of the apple industry, according to a news release,

The shape of the logo mark, according to the release, is an abstract representation of an apple and also brings to mind seasonality, cycles and new growth. The logo’s leaf and stem point forward, communicating U.S. Apple’s forward-focus through leadership and advocacy for growers.

The logo was designed with the help of Mekanic,its agency partner of two years, according to the release.

“Mekanic’s vision for U.S. Apple’s brand is informed by other projects and discovery work they have conducted over the last two years, including interviews with growers, supplier members, leadership and Young Apple Leaders,” U.S. Apple director of communications Tracy Grondine said in the release. “All of this brand knowledge has influenced the design, tone and overall brand positioning. Together, we have decided on an exciting new visual direction that will help elevate U.S. Apple’s efforts.”

The association is updating its website, which will be finished this fall.