Los Angeles artist Ela Mella, known for her murals and other art featuring avocados, is featured in West Pak's third installment of the Avo Effect campaign. ( Courtesy West Pak Avocado )

West Pak Avocado, Murrieta, Calif., has released its latest Avo Effect campaign video, Humanizing Avocado Love.

It’s the third episode in West Pak’s 2020 Avo Effect campaign, and covers the digital social and artistic influence that avocados have in consumers’ daily lives, according to a news release.

"What we've done is look at the avocado not just as a commodity but as a thing that can actually change society," Amy Hadrys, co-founder and director of strategy of Visual Content Agency, which produced the Avo Effect campaign, said in the release.

The third Avo Effect installment features Los Angeles artist Ela Mella, who is known for her avocado murals and street art. The avocado is more than a popular fruit, more than avocado toast.

“It became this symbol of a mass movement towards taking care of yourself, towards wellness, towards health," Mella said in the video.

West Pak is inviting its Instagram audience to share how avocados have affected them for a chance to win a gift basket. Participants can share their story by using #avoeffect in their Instagram post, according to the release.

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