( Courtesy Green Giant )

Forget red and blue states. This polling map of the U.S. shows a green wave — and it’s not the Green Party you’re thinking of.

In Green Giant’s annual poll of Americans’ favorite vegetable, broccoli has won for the second year in a row, with even greater results than in 2018.

More than 5,000 consumers, from age 13 to 73, took the frozen/canned vegetables company’s survey, and broccoli placed first in 39 states. The results were released in connection with National Eat Your Vegetables Day, June 17, according to a news release.

Some interesting findings from the survey, which was open-ended, letting consumers choose any vegetable:

  • What’s up, Idaho?: Potatoes ranked first only in Arkansas, a loss of four states from last year;
  • Et Tu, Iowa?: Of the 7 states choosing corn, Iowa wasn’t included. (Yes, sweet corn and field corn are vastly different, but still …);
  • No juicers? Despite the juicing craze that’s boosted celery prices to new heights, the fad didn’t elevate the stalk to the top in any state;
  • No CUKES!: Cucumbers did not carry a single state, unlike in 2018, when New Mexico and Louisiana residents chose them above other vegetables; and
  • The “orange” candidate: Nevada and North Dakota opted for carrots;
  • Welcome to the club: Asparagus led Alaska polling and cauliflower was the favorite in Montana, the first times for both vegetables.

The survey, conducted through Suzy, a company that offers an online consumer insights platform, took place April 26-May 10, according to the release.