Twelve new fitness-related stickers are appearing on Chiquita bananas. ( Courtesy Chiquita )

Chiquita is releasing new fitness-related stickers on bananas in July to encourage fun, healthy living.

“Recognizing that people are spending more time at home this summer, Chiquita wanted to provide fun and easy ways to maintain a well-rounded wellness routine,” Tina Varjabedian, North American marketing manager for Chiquita, said in a news release.

Twelve stickers will be showcased and offer workout challenges, and they focus on warm up, home workout and mindfulness, according to the release. Chiquita had a similar fitness challenge in 2019 featured on banana stickers.

Stretching, strength training and mind relaxation are just a few of the exercises Chiquita is offering.

Chiquita created recipes to go with the stickers, will share fitness tips on its Instagram account.

“We hope the new fitness sticker series, along with our exercise tips and nutritious recipes, will help motivate fans to stay active and healthy,” Varjabedian said in the release.

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