( Courtesy Dole )

Inspired by the July 19 release of Disney’s new “Lion King” film, Dole Fresh Fruit is launching a summer-long healthy living initiative, National Eat More Fruit and Vegetables Day.

The campaign started May 23 and it lasts to Sept. 2.

Starting June 2, shoppers will see images of Simba, Nala, Rifiki, Zazu, Timon and Pumbaa from the film on millions of Dole banana stickers and pineapple tags in U.S. and Canadian supermarkets, according to a Dole news release.

“For millions of millennials, Simba’s quest of self-discovery as he becomes king of the pride in Disney’s ‘The Lion King’ was a natural part of family life and growing up,” Bil Goldfield, Dole communications director, said in the release. “Now that these original fans have prides of their own, and a deeper passion for healthier living, we are honored to partner with them on the occasion of the reimagined classic to make their health and wellness goals a worry-free reality.”

The summer campaign includes:

  • 20 new Dole recipes inspired by the movie;
  • Nutrition tips from Dole’s registered dietitian, Melanie Marcus; and
  • An interactive surprise that will be announced in June.

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