A partnership with Shazam will give consumers an opportunity to view videos about the company's supply chain. ( Chiquita )

For four weeks this summer, Chiquita stickers will be co-branded with a Shazam code that shoppers can scan to see videos of how bananas move through the supply chain from Latin American farms to U.S. grocery stores.

The program will start in mid-July and aims to draw attention to the company’s sustainability efforts.

“Fifty million Chiquita blue stickers will feature the Shazam code on a weekly basis, with five different experiences where consumers can follow the journey of a banana from the farms in Latin America, to the port facility, right across the Atlantic and all the way to the consumer’s kitchen table, without having to leave the grocery store,” said Jamie Postell, director of sales for North America. “This new partnership with Shazam and the latest technology in immersion allows consumers to learn about Chiquita’s commitment to sustainability and discover what Chiquita does, day after day, in order to deliver the promise that stands behind the blue sticker.”

The company has three sustainability initiatives: Behind the Blue Sticker, Being a Good Neighbor and For the Greater Good.

The Behind the Blue Sticker program includes farm management and logistics practices that aim to reduce waste and emissions, along with other goals related to maximizing resources.

As part of its Being a Good Neighbor program, the company invests in school infrastructure and other activities to support communities.

With its For the Greater Good initiative, Chiquita focuses on the overall health of the banana business.

“As industry leaders, we must leverage resources and know-how in an industry-wide approach to ensure the global banana industry is viable and durable for years to come,” Postell said. “That’s why it’s so important to bring thought leaders together to address issues like TR4, a disease that is currently endangering not just our banana farms, but those of our suppliers and competitors across the world.”