( Wonderful Company )

Fowler Packing Co. will no longer be supplying and packing mandarins under the Halos brand.

Partners since 2013, The Wonderful Co. and Fowler Packing have agreed to end their association, according to a news release from the companies.

The citrus firms “have individual strengths that suit their ability to offer outstanding products and services to the industry,” according to the release.

“Both Wonderful and Fowler remain the top producers in the mandarin category and expect that to continue,” according to the release. “Each company has the utmost respect for the other and wishes each other continued success in the years to come.”

In June 2013, Paramount Citrus, later renamed Wonderful Citrus, announced the company would sell the newly-named Halos brand mandarins through a partnership with Fresno-based Fowler Packing. The two companies would oversee all facets of the production, sales and marketing for 65% of the California mandarin crop, according to Paramount.

The Fowler Packing partnership followed Paramount’s decision to end a joint venture with grower Sun Pacific, with which it marketed mandarins under the Cuties brand.

Last fall, parent company The Wonderful Co. reported it was investing $30 million in a Halos marketing campaign. It reported that Halos contributed 27% of total produce dollar growth in the 2017-18 season.

Fowler Packing and Wonderful Co. declined further comment.